Football and Barriers
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Football and Barriers
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Shooting at Jerusalem

The feature-length documentary “Football and Barriers” (110′) takes a new look at the Israel / Palestine conflict, one of the central nodes of international relations, with the backdrop of the football and the World Cup .

With footage shot in 2010, the film promotes identity discussions entered the conflict during the World Cup in South Africa at the time when Israelis and Palestinians followed and were related to the world’s biggest sporting event.

Directed by Arturo Hartmann, Lucas Justiniano Jose Menezes, Joao Carlos Assumpção. Displayed in Brazil and NetNow Channel


• 35th Mostra Film São Paulo in 2011

• 15th FAM – Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosul 2011

• 14th show Ethnographic Film in Rio de Janeiro 2011

• 4th International Festival of Paraty Film

• 3rd CINEfoot – Football Film Festival 2012, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

• B’nai B’rith 2011 – Exhibition and debate

• 16th Jewish Film Festival of São Paulo in 2012

• 3th SCDFIII – Cine Festival Hecho con Cámara Photos, Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

• Arab Cinema Cycle Week of the Palestinian People in 2011, São Paulo

• Border Dialogues 2012, Foz do Iguaçu

• 7th Arab Film Show 2012, São Paulo

• 1st Tarbut Film Festival 2012, Rio de Janeiro

• 6 Short Cabo Frio 2012, Rio de Janeiro • 6 BRAFFTV – Brazilian Film & TV Festival of Toronto, Canada

• LAIFF – Latin Arab International Film Festival, Buenos Aires, 2013 – Special Mention of the Jury