Crossing Borders
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Protski Train Station, Poland

The recall for the origins of a jewish family by its children and grandchildren. An extensive work in four different countries gave birth to a 43-minutes movie and a book, celbrating the 70th birthday of the firstborn daughter.



Directed By Luiz Ferraz

Executive Production: Gal Buitoni

Cinematography: Cassiana Der Haroutiounian

Aditional Camera: Jonathan Magyar

Sound and Production: Lucas Gattaz

Rio de Janeiro Interview: Bruna Marcatto

Editing: Jaime Queiroz

Editing Assistant: Ana Carolina Nader

Color Correction: Marcelo Cosme

Soundtrack: Guilherme Garbato e Gustavo Garbato

Sound Editing and Mixing: Guilherme “Xibrusk”Schildberg

Post-production: The End